About Us

Founded by Social Media Consultant and Facebook Ads Specialist Emel Rizwani, Red Gem prides itself on working with businesses to cut through the noise of over-crowded feeds, identifying opportunities for growth and driving results.

Emel at Red Gem
Emel at Red Gem

Our small team at Red Gem is unique. Headed up by Emel, it comprises highly-skilled marketers with shared values and an honest passion for helping businesses realise the potential of social media. A collective approach enables us to bring a broad range of knowledge and experience to each project.

Meet the team

Emel Rizwani is a social media consultant, trainer and Facebook™ marketing specialist. With a background in competitive commercial settings, she knows what it takes to get ahead. 

Emel has the ability to tap into a brand’s DNA and communicate in a way that engages the exact audience profile required. She takes a considered approach to projects and positions her own specialist skills alongside the wider digital marketing expertise of her associates. The outcome: Red Gem provides cost effective results that always give a return on investment.

 Emel has a genuine enthusiasm for helping businesses of all sizes succeed through social media marketing. Her passion for social enterprise and her love of innovation, culture and ethics is at the heart of Red Gem.

Emel at Red Gem

Sarita Jairath is a marketing and communications professional with over 15 years experience and can help you utilise the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising to achieve your marketing objectives.

Her career experience to date has made her a high-level planner and organiser with a strong performance ethic. Throughout her freelance career, Sarita has worked with e-commerce clothing and homeware businesses as well as lead generation for universities, coaches, and education charities. Sarita now focuses exclusively on Facebook and Instagram ads.

Sarita has an enthusiastic, positive approach, is detail-conscious with excellent communication skills. She thrives on helping small businesses prosper.


Penelope Walker, founder of @barbrusa_social, is a Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing Consultant. She specialises in Instagram strategy and coaching for creative businesses keen to make an impact online. Penelope can help bring your creative brand and ads to life with igtv, videos, stories, reels and branded gifs.

Starting out as a Web Editor for big fashion brands with rigid visual criteria, including Prada and Levis Strauss Italia, Penelope now works with clients in the entertainment, interior design and art world sectors.

She enjoys exploring all the creative options for your brand and pushing you to take a risk and try something new.


Where now?

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Marketing Strategy

We build bespoke marketing strategies that enable you to cut through the noise to reach and connect with your prospects online 

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Professional Training

We can train you and your team in social media marketing, from strategy and best practice to content creation and the practicalities of publication.

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We provide a complete range of social media services from tailored strategies and consultancy to full management, so that we can support you in meeting your business goals.

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Facebook Ads

We offer a range of Facebook Ads support and consultancy services to meet your needs.