case study: Red Gem helped StockCrowd to position its innovative digital fundraising platform to the UK market

StockCrowd logo
Stockcrowd team

Who are they?

StockCrowd is the leading white-labelled software for charitable fundraising in Spanish markets. The firm expanded into the UK in February 2020 under the leadership of Ben Parker.

Where were they before working with us?

As a SaaS product Ben knew that StockCrowd needed to create a robust digital presence here in the UK, and approached Red Gem for support.

What problem were they facing?

The StockCrowd brand was well established in Spanish markets but unknown in the UK. The goal was to create a digital presence that would build brand awareness in the short term, and ultimately drive leads.

What did we do to solve it?

We developed a Customer Journey Map, which enabled us to identify market needs, gaps and opportunities at each stage of the customer’s experience with StockCrowd.

We carried out extensive research, and worked on the brand’s positioning, which enabled us to articulate StockCrowd’s offer in a way that connected directly with the target consumer.

What results did we achieve?

We consolidated StockCrowd’s brand voice and key messaging, enabling brand to concisely communicate a sophisticated offering to an over-stretched, time-poor target consumer. 

A brand voice was developed and shared across the team, in order that the consumer felt instantly familiar and confident with the product, no matter where they were in the customer journey. 

We developed a strong presence on social media platforms in order to build familiarity and support among the consumer community, developing an ‘eco-system’ of support for customers which, in turn, fostered consumer loyalty and brand advocacy. 

Client Impact Statement

“Red Gem has helped enormously with taking us through building a marketing strategy. Although StockCrowd has an established social media presence in Spain, Emel has brought a wealth of experience to us as we positioned StockCrowd to the UK market, helping us understand our target audience. Emel has also helped us find experienced resources as we have progressed. I would highly recommend Emel and Red Gem to anyone looking for marketing leadership whether they are a start-up business or more experienced.

Ben Parker, COO, StockCrowd