case study: Red Gem supported Yellow Door in delivering a training workshop on Employee Advocacy

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Yellow Door Workshop

Who are they?

Yellow Door Talent Development helps service sector companies deliver sales growth and high-performance leadership.

Where were they before working with us?

Yellow Door Talent Development had been commissioned by Full Circle to develop the team’s sales and business development skills. Full Circle had developed a new brand look and key messaging and was looking to engage the team to energize and amplify the organisation’s online presence

What problem were they facing?

It was identified that social media and employee advocacy offered huge marketing opportunities that Full Circle had been unsuccessful in leveraging.

What did we do to solve it?

Yellow Door invited Red Gem to co-create and deliver a full-day workshop during which Full Circle’s senior leadership team

What results did we achieve?

The senior management team learned how their B2B brand can leverage the unique creativity of their teams to reach their target audience. The workshop covered: 

  • Best practice for the brand’s chosen social media platforms
  • How the platforms’ algorithms determine content delivery 
  • The impact of employee advocacy and how this can be implemented in practice
  • Team ideation around content creation 
  • Early-stage development of an ongoing employee advocacy strategy
  • Collective understanding of and commitment to developing social media activity as a key factor in the brand’s broader marketing and business development strategy

Client Impact Statement

“Emel has an exceptional knowledge of marketing strategy and a superb ability to build understanding and confidence in those she’s working with – from existing marketing professionals to individuals with very basic levels of experience.”

Emilie Thysse, Yellow Door Talent Development