case study: Red Gem designed a content marketing strategy for Allegory Communications

allegory communications logo
Speech bubbles of assorted colours and sizes

Who are they?

Emma Thwaites launched Thwaites Communications in 2012. By 2019 the firm had grown into a fully staffed agency, and Emma made the decision to relaunch as Allegory Communications, in order to better reflect the organisation’s evolved identity.

Where were they before working with us?

Allegory wanted their brand relaunch to be the start of a robust content marketing campaign that would generate increased traffic to the website, greater engagement with content and more business leads.

What did we do to solve it?

An allegory is a storytelling device and Allegory, as a communications firm, specialises in telling brand stories. WIth a breadth of specialist skills, Allegory is able to build bespoke packages for all manner of clients with complex stories to tell. With this in mind, Emel developed an inbound marketing strategy based around the 5 key steps to creating and establishing a strong identity and brand.

S: Setting the scene
T: Establishing Trust in your business
O: Getting prospects Over the line
R: Rising above the rest
Y: Your success – celebrating it, building on it.

These five themes would shape and characterise Allegory’s content marketing, enabling prospects to self-identify with their own story-telling journey. Visual cues, such as a colour scheme for each of the five themes, which would run through all content including the website and proposal document, gave the sales team a simple and clear device with which to communicate the various facets of their bespoke services.

Client Impact Statement

“Emel has had a significant impact on all areas of our digital marketing and her knowledge of the latest industry trends helps us maximise our impact. Emel recently ran a workshop to help us plan our digital marketing strategy. Her creativity, out-of-the box thinking, and ability to get the best out of our team, resulted in a content plan that made us sit back and think, WOW! We’re really excited about implementing this strategy with Emel’s support over the next 12 months”

Simon Davies, Allegory Communications