The start of a new year: What’s your marketing plan for 2023?

There’s no denying that we face a tough economic outlook. Many business owners are questioning what they should spend and where – and marketing budgets are under scrutiny. Use our free guide to ensure that your marketing is working hard for your business.

Your Marketing Plan 2023, Q1
Written By
Emel Rizwani
Published On
February 11, 2023

And just like that, it’s February!

We’ve chatted with a lot of business owners lately who haven’t yet got their 2023 marketing strategy worked out. And as we’ve said to them over and again – it’s not too late!

For a start, if you’re thinking about a marketing strategy, you’re already several steps ahead of many of your peers. The number of businesses out there just winging it is truly alarming.

In addition, in a tough economic climate, a lot of your competitors will actively pull back on marketing. This means the next few months offer the perfect opportunity for you to get active and seize their spot in the market.

Use our (first ever!) quarterly guide to gauge how much you should be investing in marketing, and what tactics are most likely to give you the best chance of success while your competitors tighten their belts.

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PS. This is the first in what we hope will be a quarterly series. We’re open to feedback – let us know your thoughts! Click here to tell us what sort of marketing advice and guidance could you use as we move into 2023.