Bespoke marketing strategies for your business

A marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers. Here at Red Gem, we specialise in two types of marketing: social media marketing and content marketing.

When we talk about building you a marketing strategy, what we do in practice is create a clear framework of your key business and customer needs, alongside a detailed plan of how you can use content and social media to address them.

In short, we enable you to reach audiences that are ready to listen, with powerful content created to convert.

We do this using a proven 4-step process.

1.Communicating your value proposition

You know the value of the service you offer, but communicating that value to target consumers is key. We help you speak in terms that directly address their needs, reaching them at a time when they’re ready to act.

2. Mapping out the customer journey
  • Efrom the point where they first become aware of your brand,
  • Ethrough the various phases where they consider your offering,
  • Eto their decision to purchase your product
  • Eand on to becoming a loyal advocate of your brand.


A journey map is a high-level visualisation of a customer’s lifecycle with your brand.
The relationship between you and your customer will change over time, in response to their evolving motivations. But your voice and brand identity should remain constant throughout this journey and at each and every touchpoint. Our mapping process enables you to predict and plan for the changing dynamic, ensuring your content is always relevant and addressing their needs.

Your customer journey map will, in time, inform your marketing strategy, your sales and onboarding processes, it can even help you identify where and when to scale your staff.

3. Profiling your customer

You may have a firm understanding of your ideal customer, but can that be said for everyone on your team? As your business grows, everyone involved should be working toward the same goals. It is essential to have a shared, but clearly defined understanding of your market. In-depth customer profiles are vital in ensuring this understanding.

When we create your profiles, we go far beyond the demographics. We characterize your customer’s role in relation to your business’s buying cycle through comprehensive research and consultation with your team. We talk to your consumers and we analyse your competitors to complete the picture.

4. Creating a bespoke plan for your business

We create an actionable plan that ensures your value proposition is effectively communicated to your target customer at each and every step of their journey with you, from prospect to customer to brand advocate.

Our strategy format is bespoke to your individual needs. Having worked closely with you to co-create your customer journey map, often workshopping with your whole team, we are able to create all the tools, templates, frameworks and playbooks that you need. We provide detailed guidance, so that you can put our plan straight into action, and ensure that the effort you put into your social media marketing will have a tangible impact on your business.

Emel Rizwani

We hired Emel to help grow our audience and build a robust media strategy for new parts of our business. Using her skills in targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising, in combination with her content marketing, she tapped into a new and engaged audience to achieve incredible exponential audience growth for us.

Emel has the ability to tap into a brand’s DNA and communicate in a way that engages the exact audience profile required. Using her advanced knowledge and experience in building ad campaigns with Facebook and Instagram she can craft lead funnels that are precise, cost-effective and always give a return on investment.

In addition, we brought Emel in to manage a client’s influencer campaign, which she successfully integrated into the social media strategy to amplify their targeted reach and surpass the client’s expectations. Our client’s also commented on her thorough and robust analytics and reporting.

Emel has a rare ability to match the organisational skills and work ethic required to get things done at the ground level with a big picture, strategic approach to her work. You would be in very safe hands if you choose Emel to manage your brand campaign and I would highly recommend that you do.


Kirsten MacKenzie, Director, Bubele App