Facebook Ads

If you’re serious about driving growth and sales through Facebook, you need to invest in paid ads.

Increasing competition means you need a sharp strategy and high-performing ads in order to see results. Winging it is a great way to waste your budget on an audience that won’t connect, ads that don’t convert and data that gets you no closer to success.

At Red Gem, we know the potential of professionally executed Facebook advertising and we’re addicted to the buzz of watching those ads conversions come in.

Your campaigns will only be handled by specialist, highly-trained Facebook™marketers, giving you peace of mind and the best chance of seeing results. We are honest about expectations and constantly monitor and optimise campaigns to ensure we are making the best use of your budget.

Whilst we always advise allowing us to manage all areas of your campaign, we appreciate this doesn’t suit everyone and offer a range of Facebook Ads support and consultancy services to meet your needs.

Red Gem Facebook Ads


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In order to give your campaigns the best chance of success, our professional advice is to allow one of our specialists to fully manage them for you.

Our management service is a complete package from start to finish. We take care of every stage of the process from strategy and funnel design, to building ads, writing copy and testing variables. We never take our eyes off your ads , continually monitor performance, optimising to ensure every pound of your ad spend is being put to good use.

We work closely with your business, but allow you and your team to focus on your jobs, whilst we do ours.

Management Packages start at £1,200.00 per month.

Nurture Package

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The Nurture Package is a total of 3 hours of support, spread over a maximum 6 month period. A nurture package is ideal for businesses that want to run their own Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, but require professional input along the way [to assist with optimising and interpret data in order to shape each stage of the process.]

The Nurture Package starts with an initial 1 hour zoom call. The remaining 2 hours can be booked in 30min sessions at a time of your choosing.

*3 hour package must be used within a 6 month period.

Red Gem Facebook Ads
Red Gem Facebook Ads

Power Hour

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A one-hour consultation with Emel to discuss any aspect of Facebook advertising. This can cover a range of areas including existing or proposed in-house campaigns, Business and Ads Manager walk-throughs, assistance linking pixels and catalogues or anything else that would benefit from some expert assistance. The hour is yours to use however you wish.

You’ll be sent a short questionnaire beforehand to outline any areas you would like to cover in order to get maximum value from your hour.

Audit & Power Up

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An Audit & Power Up package is a great solution for businesses that are running campaigns (or have campaigns being run on their behalf), but just aren’t seeing results.

What’s involved?

  • You grant us temporary access to your Ads Manager and we’ll audit your account, taking a look at what’s working and what could be improved.
  • We schedule a Power Hour to discuss the audit and offer suggestions for improvements (as well as any other areas you would like to cover in the time).
  • Finally, we will send you a brief audit report including key points and recommendations moving forward for you to action or share with your team.
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Emel smiling at camera


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Do you have something that you’d like to run past an expert? A technicality you’re struggling with? A campaign idea you want to sound out? Book in a 30 minute Zoom session. Ideal to cover off a simple ads-related query.

30 minute Zoom call, £45