Case Study: building a Social Media marketing Strategy


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Ben Parker launched StockCrowd’s UK business in February 2020 and contacted Red Gem for help in establishing a social media presence for the brand. Ben knew that as a SaaS offering, StockCrowd needed to create a robust digital presence, but was unsure where to start. 


The StockCrowd brand was well established in Spanish markets but relatively unknown in the UK. The goal was to create a social media presence that would build brand awareness in the short term, and ultimately drive leads.


  • To begin, we developed a customer journey map, which enabled Ben and his sales team to identify marketing needs, gaps and opportunities at every stage of the customer’s experience with StockCrowd.
  • We carried out an analysis of StockCrowd’s competitors, specifically how they use social media to market their offering and connect with their audiences.
  • We completed a SWOT analysis of the StockCrowd brand and we carried out extensive research of StockCrowd’s typical target consumers, focusing on their social media use.
  • Our extensive research, along with the work on brand positioning and the customer journey, enabled us to develop four comprehensive target personas.
  • We then designed a full strategy that would enable StockCrowd to establish an active and engaging social media presence. Our strategy included a bespoke editorial calendar, guidance on ongoing content, recommended posting schedules and tools to enable efficient management of the social media marketing, as well as a seamless transition to new team members as the business grows.
  • Finally, we drew up a job spec that met StockCrowd’s specific social media marketing requirements. We introduced the team to suitable candidates and facilitated the onboarding of the individual chosen.

Products Used


Customer journey mapping


Social media marketing strategy


Content strategy


Professional training


Red Gem has helped enormously with taking us through the steps for building a social marketing strategy. Although StockCrowd has an established social media presence in Spain, Emel has brought a wealth of experience to us as we positioned StockCrowd to the UK market, helping us understand our target audience as well as providing advice as to the best medium for reaching them.  Emel has also helped us find experienced resources as we have progressed. I would highly recommend Emel and Red Gem to anyone looking for social media marketing advice whether they are a start-up business or more experienced. 


Ben Parker, UK CEO, StockCrowd