Case Study: consultation on social media marketing strategy + in-house training

Projects by IF

IF is a technology studio, specialising in ethical and practical uses of data

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Success Story

Social Media 

Development of IF’s brand strategy for connecting with target audiences across social media.


Consultancy on the launch of the manifesto for society-centered design as well as the brand’s response to social issues such as anti-racism and the BLM movement


A bespoke four-part training programme in social media marketing and best practice across target platforms. 


IF makes ethical data use delightful and commercially viable. The team prototypes products worth trusting and, working with companies, theytest and research tomorrow’s technologies so they serve people.



Projects by IF has a strong mission and a personality match, but the brand was not using social media to its full potential. IF asked Red Gem to develop a long term social media strategy, as well as training in order that their in-house team could execute it.



Working alongside IF’s Business Lead, Ploipailin Flynn, and Founder Sara Gold, Emel conducted a brand positioning workshop which formed the foundation for the social media strategy.

Emel then designed and delivered a four-part training series for IF’s in-house Social Media Lead, Jazmin Morris.

Emel also worked alongside Associate Marketing Specialist Charlene Prempeh, provided strategic advice on the launch of the Manifesto for Society-Centered Design, as well as IF’s response to social issues such as anti-racism and the BLM movement.



The uplift in IF’s social media activities received excellent feedback from its online community

Sara Gold launched the Manifesto for Society Centered Design at IAM Weekend 2020 which was hastily moved online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. IF’s social media activity helped to amplify the community’s overwhelmingly positive response.

Meanwhile, a bespome training series, designed and delivered by Emel enabled Jazmin Morris to hit the ground running from her first day in the job.

Products Used


Brand strategy


Social media strategy


Professional training


“Emel ran a series of insightful workshops for me on marketing, social media and analytics. Her presentation style is accessible and open and her content is accurate and up to date. I have learned so much and I feel confident in my new job role due to training sessions run by Emel. I love how she uses metaphors to describe behaviour on social media, it really helped me understand. Thank you!”


Jazmin Morris, Social Media Lead. Projects by IF