Case Study: development and delivery of professional training in social media marketing

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Foundation and Diploma level training in strategic social media marketing

 Development of a foundation level course in intermediate Facebook™ advertising.

Mentoring students accessing the course via Digital Mums’ bursary scheme


Having trained with Digital Mums in 2015, Emel kept in touch with the team and since 2018 has been delivering training webinars to current student cohorts. In 2020, Emel developed a series of four masterclasses in advanced Facebook™ advertising, which were delivered remotely as part of a non-profit initiative to support mothers during the first Covid-19 lockdown.


Emel consistently receives outstanding feedback from Digital Mums students. She is considered a warm and friendly trainer who can support people at all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. 

Learnings from the initial 4-part masterclass series inFacebook™ advertising enabled Emel to develop an 8-week Foundation level course which received excellent reviews.  


“I’ve been working with the multi-talented Emel Rizwani for the past 3 years on a variety of projects. She just ‘gets us’ and the Digital Mums brand.

We consistently receive feedback about Emel’s energy and genuine passion for social media marketing. She’s a true pro when delivering our interactive lessons online and has a natural ability to impart knowledge in a clear and relatable way, which ensures our students have a great experience during training and her extensive client experience means she can deliver practical advice and a depth of insight that students really value.

More recently Emel has been integral in helping us expand our portfolio of training courses. We knew that her expertise in Paid Advertising, alongside her understanding of our student learning journey and learning pedagogy, would be key to producing high-quality training programmes.

Emel has assisted us in a comprehensive update of our Foundation and Diploma level course content, and she steered the development of our Foundation and Intermediate-level coursesFacebook™ Advertising., We launched both courses during the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling mums to develop their digital marketing skills while furloughed and/or locked down and received excellent feedback from both cohorts”


Nikki Cochrane
Co-Founder, Digital Mums

Course Feedback

“Emel is great. This has been a very interesting course and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

“I have loved every bit of this, thank you.”

“Really well-paced for a complex subject”

“Really great webinar. This course is slowly making me think I DO want to do Ads properly with clients […] I was happy to stay as a social media manager, but I think I’m beginning to like Ads!! Thank you!”

Student testimonial

“Emel is highly knowledgeable in social media, Facebook advertising and digital marketing strategy. She is a brilliant teacher and has a fantastic way of explaining things in a way that you can relate to and understand, with practical examples. You instantly build a rapport with Emel as she is so personable and engaging. Emel is also calm and unflappable under pressure. She would be an asset to any team or project.”


Clare Antill, Social Media Manager, EDF Energy
Digital Mums Diploma Student, 2018